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Now recruiting Global Sales Staff!!


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  • 19歳で上場企業へ入社。店担当として社長より直々に携帯電話ショップ出店を任命されテレコムサービス株式会社にてソフトバンクショップを単月100店舗出店。ショップ運営、アライアンスなどさまざまな経験をつむ。2011年からはイー・モバイル一次店の代表取締役を務める。数々の功績を残した後、孫泰蔵氏との出会いから衝撃をうけベンチャーの道へ。その後、HIKAKINとの出会いをうけて30歳を手前に独立。

  • 2001年、通信関連会社に入社。在籍中に上場を経験後、2007年に東証一部上場企業へ転職し、移動体通信事業において直営店200店舗以上の責任者等を歴任。2007年、同社統括部長、グループ会社取締役に就任。事業開拓、アライアンス、商材開発などの経験を経て、2014年、未知なる分野への挑戦と動画ビジネスの魅力に惹かれ、UUUM株式会社入社。

  • 2005年、ゴールドマン・サックス証券株式会社に入社。2010年、同社ヴァイス・プレジデントに就任。2005年から2014年まで証券アナリストとして、民生電機業界やインターネット業界を担当。米国の機関投資家向け経済誌「Institutional Investor」において、2013年、民生電機セクターランキング第3位。インターネット業界を担当して以来、世の中を変える事業に関わりたいという思いが強くなり、2014年にUUUM株式会社入社。

    コーポレートユニット 統括(2020年6月現在)

What we do

  • UUUMは、インフルエンサーマーケティング業界を牽引するリーディングカンパニーです。事業規模の拡大に伴い、2020年春に「東京ミッドタウン」へ本社を移転いたしました。
  • 動画制作サポートのみならず、クリエイターの活躍の場を広げるため様々な取り組みを実施しています。ファンエンゲージメント強化、教育機会提供、バックヤードサポートなど事業範囲は多岐に渡ります。

(Sekai ni kodomogokoro wo)
This is UUUM’s corporate philosophy, and embodies our desire to create unprecedented enjoyment through ideas that embrace a childlike spirit and bring new experiences to people.
On a daily basis, we take on the challenge of delivering new experiences to the largest audience possible by leading a new era of entertainment, where content accepted by like-minded fans is created as an extension of what our creators and employees like and enjoy in the video domain and beyond.

Why we do

  • より良質なコンテンツをより多くの人々に届けるため、クリエイターサポートのインフラとして圧倒的No.1を目指します。
  • 平均年齢30歳。これからのインフルエンサーマーケティング業界を担っていく若いリーダーが会社を牽引しています。

UUUM regards everything as content,
including events, merchandise and games.
UUUM also provides wide-ranging content creation services. In addition to the joint operation of the “BonBonTV” channel and the production of original shows like “Video Pizza” run in collaboration with Jukin Media, Inc., these services include the development of games with a strong affinity for gameplay videos commentary, the sale of original merchandise and the holding of offline events featuring appearances by UUUM creators.

How we do

-About UUUM
In Japan, examples of promotional activities that utilize YouTubers have expanded beyond product reviews, extending to a diverse range of online and offline activities from store visits and event participation to campaign tie-ups. The presence of YouTubers that come across as accessible to anyone has amassed a great deal of influence.
UUUM leads YouTube-centric influencer marketing as the first YouTuber platformers in the video business, and offers creative promotion plans that utilize the sensibilities of YouTubers possessing exceptional reach and unifying force.

As a new team member

【Job Description】
Sales/Creator Support Staff
-This position's main responsibility is to create tailor-made sales solutions to clients' needs while also incorporating the distinct characteristics of various contents produced by our creators.
-We do not simply sell products and services; this is a job where you create new value and markets with your own hands in order to support the expansion of overseas companies around the world into Japan.

Specific Duties
-You will be responsible for the following tasks in collaboration with your clients:
・Establishing meetings with existing clients and establishing relationships with new ones
・Influencer marketing, promotion planning and proposals
・Sales discussions and business emailing in English and/or Chinese
・Executing promotional plans that you have proposed or received
・Team management (depending on your experience)

【What We Are 】
Essential Requirements
Experience in any of the following:
・At least 3 years of experience in marketing and promotion
・At least 3 years of corporate sales experience in advertising related business

-In addition, we are looking for someone who has the following:
・The ability to positively push forward proposals including new ideas and implement them in a wide range of areas without being limited in scope of operation
・Language skills:
→If you are Japanese: Business-level English skills
→If you are a foreigner: Near-native level of Japanese

Welcome Skills/Qualifications
・Experience working with a different culture from your own
・Experience as a manager or leader
・Sales experience in a start-up business
・High level presentation skills
・Insight and awareness of current marketing trends, digital business standards
・Interest and appreciation for the entertainment industry, YouTube, and Instagram (and other social media platforms)
・High level communication skills to express and help bring abstract ideas to life.
・Desire to build a career through a position utilizing your language skills

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  • Now recruiting Global Sales Staff!!