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EdTech Content Marketing Professional


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  • Alex Scharf

What we do

  • GLOBIS Unlimited
  • GLOBIS Unlimited

About GLOBIS: GLOBIS strives to bring creative change and innovation to society, through people, capital and knowledge. We nurture business leaders at GLOBIS University, Japan’s very large business school. Over 1,400 leading companies have sharpened their management capabilities with GLOBIS Corporate Education. GLOBIS has supported the growth of start-ups by investing over 66 billion yen in funds in 130 companies through GLOBIS Capital Partners. Utilizing the GLOBIS Insights digital media platform and GLOBIS MBA book series, we have shared management expertise globally.

Why we do

We are looking for an experienced marketing professional specializing in content and digital marketing in the business to client sector. You will join a new team to launch GLOBIS Unlimited, a business microlearning online platform, in our overseas markets.

You will support the marketing and strategy team to develop and execute marketing strategies and processes ensuring the global success of GLOBIS Unlimited. You will be directly involved in all aspects of the marketing and strategy operations and be expected to have a hands-on approach.

This role requires coordination with many stakeholders, both internally between teams and departments, and externally with various vendors and collaborators. The team has a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, in which you will be expected to proactively, flexibly, and independently work beyond set responsibilities in order to meet business goals.

About GLOBIS Unlimited: GLOBIS Unlimited is a business microlearning online platform, providing microlearning courses on MBA-level business topics.

How we do

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■LEAD OUT Globis Digital Platform(GDP)Way
・Leading edge
・Data driven
・Open & connect
・User centric

As a new team member

You will contribute to increasing the awareness and reputation of GLOBIS on a global scale as part of mission to become the No. 1 business school globally, focusing primarily on GLOBIS Unlimited. Your responsibilities will include:

- Design content marketing strategies and set short-term goals
- Undertake content marketing initiatives to achieve business targets
- Collaborate with product development and content teams to produce high-quality content
- Edit, proofread, improve and deliver engaging content on a regular basis
- Optimize content considering SEO and Google Analytics
- Share content through various internal and external channels, ensuring a strong web presence
- Receive customer feedback and generate ideas to increase customer engagement

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  • EdTech Content Marketing Professional