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Monica Chang

Exidea, Inc - Web Director

About my work experience


Participated in tv show branding, press conference, and shooting of well-known brand PV. I help translate pitches and campaigns that might be applicable in Taiwan. I even pitched small ideas for future exhibition and marketing idea that could be used in Taiwan.

Difficulties I faced


At first, I was shy about the work and scared of bothering my co-workers. But after a while, I started socializing and learn so much more just by communicating with them. I found out that they would help me as long as I asked them sincerely and try my best.

What I learned

I have learned that marketing start way before the product is out. It is all about how to get to the Target audience, and what works for one country doesn't mean it will work for another. That there is a lot of planning in marketing. Every choice you make is connected and important to the final result. I have also learn that almost everything in our life is now related to marketing. It is a really big part of our lives and this got me interested. Thus, I am currently taking an marketing class in Waseda.

Exidea, Inc - Web Director
I am Monica or Yu Hsuan Chang. I was born in Taipei, Taiwan. I grew up in Shanghai, China, I lived there for more than 15 years. I went to an international school Shanghai American School. English was the only language allowed my school. I was able to meet all kind of people at my school. I par...
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