What we do

We make two different apps, Quick Desk, and Quick Ref, which are aimed at helping sales people organize their workflow, and better foster relationships with their clients.

Why we do

For us, it's simple. An effective app can be a simple tool that completely changes the way people work. We want to be that kind of app. Our apps make what can be stressful parts of a sales job much simpler. A salesperson who has less stress and an organized workflow can concentrate on actually fostering relationships with their clients, instead of getting bogged down with less important details.

How we do

We're passionate about the product we're making, which means that we enjoy what we do! Many of us come from sales backgrounds, so finding ways to help salespeople be more effective is really satisfying. We also have fun as a team! We like to celebrate birthdays together, eat pizza, and even have fun outside the office. Recently we hosted a sports day, where we got together to play badminton.